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Bed Bug Control

Welcome to bed bug control london, the specialist bed bug treatmant company. In recent years the number of bed bug infestations in london has exploded and london now has one of the largest number o...Read More

Pest Control

Pest control is a term that is used to describe the many different ways in which we try to keep the numbers of pests to a minimum, or even to eradicate them all together. Depending on the type of pest...Read More

Cockroach Control London

Cockroaches have been around for ever. Here at London pest control 365 we deal with all the different species of cockroach in a professional and discreet manner. London has one of the largest level...Read More

Mouse Control

Nobody likes having mice around and our team of london Mouse control experts will help you to eradicate them and help keep them at bay. One of the first signs of a problem with mice are the mouse drop...Read More

Rat Control London

Rat Control London

Rats are a serious problem in many heavily-populated cities including London. Rats routinely cause damage to properties and are responsible for the spread of disease whi...Read More

Pigeon Control

Pigeons are a problem pest in a number of different ways in london. They can be a problem if they are nesting in the eaves of your home or in a air conditioning duct of your business. When pigeons nes...Read More

Flea Control

Flea Control London

Fleas are often introduced to a property by a host such as dogs, cats or mice. Not only must the fleas themselves be treated, but all eggs need to removed too to ensure...Read More

Ant Control

Ant control in london can be done in many different ways depending on the ant species that is being treated. Garden ant control is a relatively easy process compared to the control of the pharaohs ant...Read More

Fumigation London

Fumigating properties in london for pests can be a laborious and difficult time for both parties, as so many things have to be taken into account before a fumigation is carried out. Fumigation is main...Read More

Clothes Moth Control

Clothes moths are a very commonly found insect pest that infest many london properties causing damage to carpets, clothes and furniture. If you have clothes moths in your property, you would be stron...Read More

Stored Product Moth Control

Stored product moths are usually associated with dried food stuffs and certain fruits and vegetables. Moth larvae can cause considerable damage to stored goods by feeding or by contaminating them with...Read More

Carpet Beetle Control

Carpet beetles are a small pest insect, just 3 mm long and with a white and yellowish brown marked outer shell. Although the beetle is classed as a pest that devours carpets and other fibres, the larv...Read More

Wasp Control

Wasp nests can be found in many places. In bushes, trees, low down in flower beds but most commonly in roof spaces and the eaves of your home. The treatment of wasp nests differs in many ways, but the...Read More

Textile Moths Control

Textile moths are a problem pest for both home and business. At home they damage any natural fibres that they lay their eggs in, whether it be your carpets, clothes, bed linen, towels and fabric furni...Read More

Carpet Moths Control

Carpet moths are from the family of the textile moth. The carpet moth life cycle is very similar to carpet beetles. It is the larvae that cause the damage to carpets and rugs, by eating any natural fi...Read More

Squirrel Control

Squirrel control is a lot more important than many people realise. When grey squirrels get in to roof spaces and start to build their dens, they can cause all sorts of damage and chaos. As well as the...Read More

Moth Control London

Moth Control London

There are many different types and species of moth including carpet moths, textile moths, stored product moths and more. The process of controlling moths includes ident...Read More

Fly Control London

Controlling flies can be easy, depending on the fly that is infesting a property. As there are many species of fly that are classed as pests, the treatment needed may be different. If you suddenly not...Read More

Rodent Control London

Rodent control comes in many forms, shapes and sizes because of the different rodents to control. Whether it is rats or mice that is causing you problems here at pest control London we will have the c...Read More

Wasp Nest Removal London

When treating a wasp nest, we often get asked to remove it. Wasp nest removal is not something that can be carried out to a live nest, due to obvious problems of being attacked and stung repeatedly by...Read More

German Cockroach Control

There are a number of different ways to control German cockroaches, all of them successful in achieving the end result, freedom from cockroaches. Call 02074824952 to get a free quote. The most comm...Read More

Oriental Cockroach Control

Oriental cockroach control can be tricky because of their preferred habitat. Oriental cockroaches tend to take up residence in dark and damp places, often under floorboards and in sewer systems etc. M...Read More