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There are two kinds of squirrel in the UK, the red squirrel and the grey squirrel. The red squirrel is a rare species in the UK and is only found in a small number of areas, because of this they are not classed as a dangerous pest and are protected by law. The grey squirrel on the other hand is very much a pest. Originally introduced to Britain and europe in the 19th century from north America, the grey squirrel quickly adapted to the British climate and is now one of the most common mammals seen in our london parks and gardens. Unfortunately, being such an adaptable mammal, it has become a serious pest in our towns and cities. Causing damage to trees by stripping the bark from them, they are a dangerous pest to have in your home as well. They nest in loft spaces and in the eaves around the outside at the bottom of your roofs, the damage they cause can be both costly and emotional as they will use anything in your loft to build their nests including old family photos. They also chew through electrical cabling that can sometimes be the cause of house fires. If you find any signs of squirrels in your london home call pest control to help eradicate them.

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