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Severe Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bug infestations often go from being light infestations to severe levels of infestation if left untreated as the photo above shows. The photo is of a small part of a headboard of an elderly lady's bed. The person in question moved into a new build studio apartment in east ham (east london). At the time she moved in, there were no signs of any pest activity. Within 6 months of her moving into the property the entire studio was literally running alive with bed bugs. The photo shows several dozen adult bed bugs, hundreds of bedbug nymphs(the small yellow insects in the photo) and several hundred bed bug eggs all in an area of about 10 centimeteres square. The entire studio had this level of activity throughout including inside all items of furniture, electrical appliances, under carpets and behind photo frames on the walls. When treating severe bed bug infestations, the owner of the property will often be advised to throw away any heavily infested items. If the infestation is isolated to just one room, it is sometimes possible to fumigate the room in question without the need to throw away any furniture, but this is rare. A severe bed bug infestation usually occurs when somebody has noticed bed bugs but has not reported it or tried to have the problem treated. It is always advisable to call pest control at the first sight of bed bugs before the infestation gets out of hand. Call us now if you have bed bugs in your london home or hotel.

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