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The term rodent control is used for the wide variety of rodent pests that are both a danger and a nuisance to humans. Rats and mice are the two main suspects in this category, both being a health danger pest. The control of rodents is something that should only be carried out professionally by a certificated pest control technician as the poisons that are sometimes used are hazardous to human health, as well as other non target species such as household pest and protected wildlife species. Another rodent that is classed as a pest is the grey squirrel, this is because of the damage that they can cause in loft spaces, chewing live electrical cables and sometimes causing house fires. Again these should only be dealt with by professionals as they can be very aggressive if cornered. Like any pest, if you’re in doubt call pest control out.

Variations of 'rodent control': rat control , mouse control , rodent pest control , squirrel conrol
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