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Red Squirrels

Red squirrels are widespread in Europe, but have largely been replaced by grey squirrels in England and because of this red squirrels are not considered pests. They can live for up to 5 or 6 years in the wild. They are up to 24 cm in length from head to tail. Their tail is up to 20 cm in length, making their total size up to 44 cm, and they weight between 250 - 350g. Red squirrels fur colour can range from a reddish brown in summer, to a deep brown with grey in the winter time. The colour may vary but their underside is always cream coloured. They have a bushy tail and ear tufts. Red squirrels eat spruce and pine seeds, acorns, berries, fungi, bark and sap tissue. In the autumn they store surplus food either in the trees or below the ground. Red squirrels are a protected species and cannot be killed, tampered with or controlled. In fact if you have red squirrels in or around your property you should feel privilaged as these beautiful creatures are highly endangered throughout the UK.

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