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Rat Droppings

One of the first and easiest signs to spot a possible rat infestation is if you see rat droppings around your home. The common brown rats droppings are are blunt spindle shaped, with an average length of 1 - 2 cm. They are usually found in groups. Black rat droppings are a pointed sausage shape with an average length of 1 cm. The Brown rats droppings are the largest and they vary in shape from bluntly rounded ends to spindle shaped in appearance. Black rat droppings are generally smaller and more regular in form, with the ends usually being pointed. Mouse droppings are very small compared to rat droppings. When droppings are discovered it is important to determine their age as it will indicate whether the infestation is current. Fresh droppings are soft enough to be pressed out of shape and have a glistening moist appearance, older droppings are crusty and dry. The droppings are dark brown or black in colour this can vary depending on what the rats are eating.

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