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Pharaohs Ant Treatment

London with its large number of hospitals, hotels and apartment blocks is a haven for pharoahs ants. Especialy as these types of builings are normally temperature controlled even in the winter time, ensuring a constant warm temperature that is ideal for pharoahs ants. Pharoahs ants thrive in warmer environments reproducing and spreading quickly throughout the structures they inhabit. The most effective method to eradicate pharaohs ants involves the use of an insect growth regulator and insecticidal bait, so that the whole infestation is targeted and eradicated within a short time. Control can only be achieved by the destruction of their nests. A thorough understanding of the ant species, its biology, lifestyle and habits is required to achieve effective control. It is very important to ensure that if you discover pharaohs ants in your property, you do not carry out any insecticide treatments yourself. Do not use ant powders or sprays as this will most likely lead to the nests budding off and forming more colonies throughout your property. This is one of the primary reasons not do to any DIY ant control in the case of pharaohs ants as these types of treatments are almost certainly going to lead to an increased infestation. Our Team have many years of experience within the ant control industry and possess the knowledge and experience to help remove the problem safely and completely.

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