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Mouse Poison

Mouse poison in another term for rodenticide. Rodenticides are used in the control of mice and rats. They act as an anticoagulant, reducing the vitamin K needed to produce needed blood clotting. Without the clotting, damage is caused to the blood vessels causing internal bleeding and haemorrhaging. When mice have eaten enough poison these effects will happen over 4-7 days. There are two main types of mouse poison, first generation and second generation. First generation poisons require a higher concentration of poison to attractant, and consecutive intake over a number of days to reach the desired effect. Second generation poisons are more toxic. It usually only takes a single feed to reach the desired effect but has a secondary poisoning danger, meaning any other animal eating a dead mouse that has been killed with a second generation poison, is in danger of being poisoned as well, which would not happen if a first generation poison was in use.

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