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German Cockroach Control

There are a number of treatments available for German cockroach control in london dependant on certain factors like size of the infestation and the location. The most commonly used and effective treatment is a residual insecticidal spray treatment of the immediate and surrounding areas. This treatment is effective in German cockroach control because it attacks the cockroaches directly on contact and the residual spray can still be effective on sprayed surfaces for up to three months after the treatment, meaning that any cockroaches not immediately controlled can still be controlled afterwards. Another treatment is the use of specific cockroach gels, placed in discreet areas where the cockroaches are likely to travel. These gels contain an attractant which the cockroaches will find and eat. Once eaten, the gel takes a few hours to take effect, by which time they have usually gone back to their nesting site. When they have died, other cockroaches will eat their own and an infected cockroach will help spread the insecticide through the nest. There is also the fumigation of premises, usually only used in extreme infestations. This treatment requires the premises to be vacant of all humans and pets for several hours, causing disruption to tenants and businesses. The levels of german cockroach activity found in london is one of the highest in the country. German cockroach control in london is challenging and should only be carried out by qualified and experienced pest controllers like us.

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