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Garden Ant Control

Garden ant control can sometimes be a little tricky as finding the point of origin can be difficult. The most common treatment used to control garden ants is a perimeter spray of insecticide around the outside of a premises. This will act as a barrier preventing the garden ant invading your home or business. If the source of the problem can be found this can also be sprayed to kill the nest itself. If garden ants have managed to gain entry to a premises then a residual spray can be used in some circumstances, if the property can be vacated for a number of hours for instance. If you cannot leave your property, an insecticide gel can be placed in specific areas where the ants are, or are likely to, travel. These gels contain a sugary attractant as well as the poison needed to help kill the problem. Pest control london 365 has many years experience in providing garden ant control services. We are available to exterminate your garden ants now.

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