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Flying Ants

Flying ants are ants that take flight in order to mate. When conditions are hot and humid after rain and winds are minimal, masses of winged sexually reproducing ants or flying ants will leave their parent nest and take flight. The mating flights occur simultaneously in all ant nests of the particular species and usually happens just once a year during a summer month. The female ants will fly a long distance, during which they will mate with at least one winged male from another nest. He transfers sperm to the seminal receptacle of the queen and then dies. The female ant will live and attempt to find a suitable area to start a new colony, and once found she will detach her wings and start a new nest. When flying ants emerge the numbers emerging from a single nest ranges from a few dozen to several thousands at a time.

Variations of 'flying ants': ants , garden ants , ants that fly
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