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Flea Bites

Flea bites can be very unpleasant, especialy in large numbers. It is well known that people vary in the reactions they have to flea bites. If you are sensitive to flea bites then this can lead to a condition called papular urticaria, where a number of itchy red lumps form. Bullae may also develop. Fleas from cats and dogs can often bite below the knee as they can’t jump much higher than this. They may also affect the forearms if you have been stroking or holding your pet if they are infected with fleas. Flea bites often appear as random bites on the lower legs, however you can be bitten anywhere on the body. A good way to diferentiate between flea bites and bed bug bites is to look out for any patterns in the bites. Fleas mostly bite quite randomly whereas bed bugs often bite in little clusters. While this is not always the case, it is nonetheless a good indication of flea versus bed bug bites.

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