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Carpet Moth Control

The control of a carpet moth infestation depends on a number of factors. Firstly the size of an infestation will determine whether it can be treated straight away or other measures will have to be carried out first. Secondly, the location. If your infestation appears to be in only one room then it should be straight forward, but if it has spread to multiple rooms then it could be a much longer process to get them under control. Most of the time the treatment to control carpet moths is a residual spray treatment to all affected areas and high risk areas of the property. In heavier infestations this may need to be carried out two or three times. In severe cases carpets, rugs, carpet and other textiles can be so badly damaged they may need to be thrown away and replaced. If you have or think you have carpet moths in your property, you should call us straight away to eliminate the problem before it gets out of control and the moths cause huge amounts of damage to your property and belongings.

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