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Bed Bug Treatment

There are a large number of do it yourself bed bug treatments available online and in shops. The fact is, not all of these work to combat the problem and they may not help with future infestations. Bed bug infestations should be treated by a professional with the appropriate equipment, that is tried and tested and conforms to COSHH health and safety. Also the correct safety wear should be worn to carry out the treatment. It is hard to find bed bugs hiding spot. We locate the hiding spots and problem areas, unfortunately bed bugs do not just live solely on your bed. Our tried and tested methods include administration of residual insecticide sprays to treat the entire property. The insecticide will be applied to the walls, floors, bed, bed bases and furnishings. Residual insecticide will kill off any bed bugs that touch off it and also stops future bed bug infestations as it can still be effective for up to 6 weeks after treatment.

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