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Bed Bug Droppings

The droppings that bed bugs leave behind in homes and business properties are very distinct. The droppings are dark brown to black in colour and they leave spotted stains on pillows, sheets, other bedding or anywhere that they might be feeding or hiding. There are usually piles of dark bed bug droppings left behind on resting areas after they feed. Bed bugs are hard to find, they hide during the day in the mattresses, in the bed frames, or in any cracks in the walls, floors and furniture, so you may actually never see them. One of the the best ways to know if you have bed bugs is to look out for bed bug droppings. On smooth surfaces such as varnished wood or on walls, the droppings will look like the photo above. However on fabric and other porous surfaces such as matresses and bedding etc., the droopings look like little drops of wet ink that have absorbed into the material, to see a picture of this just follow the link below bed bug droppings on beds for a better idea of what to look out for.

Variations of 'bed bug droppings': bed bug spotting , bed bug feases , bed bug poo
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