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Bed Bug Droppings On Beds

When looking for signs of bed bugs, bed bug droppings on a bed frame or mattress are a common thing to find. These droppings are black in colour and are usually found around the head and base areas of a mattress or in any corners of a bed frame where the bed bugs hide and live during daylight hours. The droppings when deposited on porous sufaces like matresses and other materials, look very much like a drop of back ink that has been placed on the surface. The picture above shows an adult bed bug and several droppings around it. The black marks you see in the image are in fact bed bug droppings. Their droppings can sometimes be found behind headboards, loose wall paper and in curtains, in heavily infested properties. Bed bugs themselves can be seen at any time of day if a thorough inspection is carried out but tend to feed mainly at night when you are asleep.

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