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Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs are blood sucking insects. They feed off human and animal hosts. They bite and pierce the skin of the host in order to get blood to feed on. Bed bug bite symptoms do not usually appear immediately, it can take over a week for victims to notice small bumps, redness and the itching. Red welts on your skin is a sign of a bed bug bite. These red welts may not cause any itching at first to some people. During the initial stages the red welts are small and hard to recognize. Over 50% of people bitten by bed bugs show no symptoms at all. Where in some people bed bug bites are a huge discomfort and irritating and can cause anaphylactic shock due to the allergen content of the bed bugs saliva. It is worth noting, that almost everyone that reacts to bedbug bites has a different reaction to the bites. A tell tale sign of bed bug bites is most often, the bites appear in small groups or clusters close together. Normally each cluster of bites is caused by a single bed bug. However in severe bed bug infestations it cann be hard to see these clusters due to the sheer number of bites.

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