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Welcome to Pest Control London 365

Pest Control London 365 is the ultimate pest control service provider in London.

As the capital’s population continues to grow, so does the number of pests we are likely to encounter in everyday life continue to grow as well.
Pest Control London 365 are here to solve your pest problems now and provide you with pest control related advice and free consultations 365 days a year.

The situation in London regarding pests is known to be quite high compared to other parts of the UK (hazardous level) throughout the year.
We receive calls from domestic, commercial and industrial clients daily telling us of problems like german cockroach¹ infestations, clothes moths¹ and carpet moths affecting their clothes and carpets, bed bugs in their beds and mattresses as well as mice and rats infesting their homes and workplaces with even ferral pigeons on the increase.

At London pest control all of our pest controllers are professionally trained and have over fifteen years work experience in the Pest Control industry. We are qualified by the British Pest Control Association and are well renowned for our high standards of pest control, fumigation , rat control , moth control , fly control , bed bug control , ant control , flea control , rat proofing¹ , pigeon control , mouse control , german cockroach¹ and oriental cockroach¹ control , wasp nest removal and every possible problem that may occur with rodents, pests, insects and larvae invading your home, garden, office area or furniture.

Like many large cities around the world, London has been experiencing a large annual increase in the number of new bed bug infestations reported to pest controllers requiring fumigation or other forms of insecticide¹ treatment. As such, we have been investing a lot of time and effort in perfecting the treatment of these insects, even though they are not considered to be public health pests. We are widely considered by our many clients and even competitors as being the bed bug control specialists.

In the bed bug control area of this website you will find very helpful information on bed bugs and how to identify whether or not you have bed bugs or fleas etc. The information you will find in the bed bug control section is designed to give you all the information you will need to identify bed bug bites¹ , what bed bug droppings¹ look like, even photos of things like bed bug eggs¹ .
We have many years experience in bed bug control and extermination and are available to provide these services to you at an affordable price today.

We have all seen on the television and read in the newspapers about the huge numbers of rodents infesting our countries cities including London. The most common rodents infesting properties are rats and mice followed closely by squirrels.

Most of these rodents instil fear in anyone encountering one or more of these in their homes or workplace. This is where we come into place with our wealth of experience by providing all aspects of rodent control¹ throughout London by providing a full range of rodent control¹ services ranging from mouse control , rat control and squirrel control right through to proofing homes and offices against these destructive, disease carrying verminous pests.
Rodents frequently enter homes and places of work causing great damage to property and content by knawing away at virtually anything they can find which frequently contaminates foodstuffs making them unsuitable for consumption and knawing through electrical cables posing a very real fire hazard. We are available 24/7 to exterminate your rodent problems, so if you know or think you have a rat, mouse or squirrel problem give us a call straight away.

Cockroaches are another common pest we deal with on a daily basis frequently being called to homes, restaurants and hotels etc. to eradicate these insects. The most frequently encountered cockroaches Londoners are likely to come across are german cockroaches and oriental cockroaches . However brown banded cockroaches and american cockroaches are on the increase in many parts of london.

German cockroaches are the smaller of the two species of cockroach likely to be encountered in London properties. These insects grow to about 20mm and are frequently found in kitchens and bathrooms (however they will infest the entire property in time if left untreated). These insects are good climbers and are most often found behind fridges, in cupboards and around boilers etc. While german cockroaches have wings as adults, they are not able to fly. This species will often enter food cupboards contaminating food stuffs with a wide range of pathogens which can and often does cause illness in humans. We have a wide range of treatments available to exterminate these insects in homes and work places like gel treatments¹ and residual insecticide¹ treatments through to cockroach fumigations.

The next most commonly encountered cockroach species is the oriental cockroach. This is the larger of the two species growing up to 40mm in length as adults. Oriental cockroach nymphs are drownish in colour turning black as they mature into adults. Many people that have oriental cockroaches in their properties often think they have 2 different types of cockroaches. However they are just different stages of the same insects lifecycle.

Oriental cockroaches prefer and thrive in warm damp areas like sewerage systems and under floorboards etc where they will breed and mature at an astounding rate.
Due to the preferred habitats of this insect (sewerage system etc.), oriental cockroaches DO pose a very real threat to people by spreading disease to and from everything they come into contact with.
We use a variety of treatments to control and eradicate these insects depending on the type of property infested and the locations of the infestations within the property.
Residual spray treatments using both a residual insecticide¹ and insect growth regulator is the preferred method, however in some circumstances this type of treatment may not be possible due to a number of reasons.
Another treatment for is the gel treatment where we will use professional use cockroach gels to treat the problem. This is the safest method of treatment to humans and pets, but the downside of this treatment type is it generally takes considerably longer to eradicate the infestation.

As you can see from our website, we provide a complete range of pest control services throughout the London area at affordable prices to suite everyone.

Not only do we provide pest control services but we have also put this website together to provide you the user as much information, handy tips and advice on as many aspects of pest control and the pests themselves as possible.

When reading about the various services we provide, take a look at the bottom of the article to find some very handy links to other parts of our website where you can find some very detailed information and where possible even photographs about the pests you are reading about. A good example of this is in the german cockroach¹ control section, where you will find links to german cockroach¹ eggs and german cockroach droppings¹ both of which have a photograph showing the user exactly what is being written about.
We are continuing to update our website with new and useful information on a regular basis so keep checking back for those updates.

A feature we have created is the ‘ask a pest controller’ section at the top of the page which is manned by qualified and experienced pest controllers whom are available to answer all your questions directly. This section is designed in a forum style allowing other people like other pest controllers and general members of the public to view your questions and even register and add their own comments and experiences related to your question. Thus creating a wealth of information available for everyone to view and use that has a pest issue in London.

As london’s premier pest control service provider we are at hand to resolve your pest issue quickly and affordably.

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We provide a complete range of pest control services in the greater London area including but not limited to the services listed below. If you don’t find the pest control services you are looking for, give us a call as chances are, we do provide the service but have not added it to our website yet.

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