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cockroaches in my house


Joined: 11 October 2012
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11/10/2012 at 5:02

For several months now I have had a big problem with cockroaches in my home.

I live in stratford london e15 next to a sweet shop.

I know the shop has got a problem as I have seen them running across the counter when I've been into the shop.

The cockroaches I have a problem with are german cockroaches (identified thanks to you're cockroach section).

My first question is, will the problem be solved in my home if the shop next door does not get their cockroaches treated as well.

I am happy to pay for my treatment, but am certainly not going to pay for the shop treatment, and the man in the shop just says 'we have not cockroach!' when I aproach him on the subject.

Looking forward to your response.

Joined: 25 April 2012
Posts: 14
11/10/2012 at 5:11

Hi frenchkid

Yes your cockroach problem will be solved if we only treated your property, however there is a chance of a new infestation taking hold in your property in the future if the shop is not treated. This re-infestation could start in as little as 5/6 months down the line or may take a couple of years to re-occur.

Try talking to the shop owner again to convince him that he needs to deal with the issue. If he still refuses to co-operate, simply contact your local environmental health officer and report the issue to them.

As the shop sells and stores foodstuffs (I assume), the EHO will take action very quickly!

Hope this helps

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